Saturday, March 28, 2009


What did we do ALL week? Take a look...

we PAINTED.....
and PAINTED......
did some more PAINTING....
oh and PAINTED
how much work does it really take to paint 2,500 sq feet you ask? Karissa, Mik, the whole R clan (may i remind you thats 13 people), Miks brother and sister, Bryan, Brandon and Trini (sorry if i forgot anyone!). BIG THANKS to everyone that helped! Oh and did i mention we arent QUITE done yet?! Although we did have quite a few memorable moments such as Karly stepping in the paint bucket, Kimball knocking a full can of paint over and my personal favorite Lowes mixing us the wrong color of paint (yes half the walls were a different color)! You may wonder what all this hard work is for? Stay tuned for the big exciting news!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


My cousin Shanda is preggers so the girls in my family decided to throw her a shower! i had it at my house and we had such a fun night! i didnt get very many pictures but here's the few i got.

shanda is one of the cutest pregnant girls i have ever seen! shes going to be such an amazing mom!

keely and karly made the cute paper balls!

i made her a diaper cake, its actually not as hard as it looks! 

and whats a shower without delicious food?!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Thursday night Mik and I were filling restless and stir crazy, pretty much ready to kill each other, and decided we needed to get away. Where do you go when you need a little mood boost? Disneyland of course! Our very first road trip together!

we did a lot of this

get ready for a downpour of pictures!

 our first time on the finding nemo ride. LOVED it!

eating at the Blue Bayou. (you HAVE to make a reservation next time you go, its SO delicious and SO fun!) 3 words: MONTE CRISTO SANDWICHES! YUM!

Pooh's bakery is the best/worst thing to ever happen to us!

our new favorite ride!

We took the test and here's what disney character we are most like...

one of our favorite rides is the bugs life caterpillar ride! 

yep thats a huge dung ball

on our way home we made a pit stop and it happened to home the "worlds largest thermometor"! 

and whats a trip to california without stopping here at least twice!