Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gender Reveal

For our gender reveal we bought blue silly string and pulled off the labels so no one knew what color it was. We went outside with our families and counted down to have a silly string war (unfortunately we only have videos, no pictures!). It was fun to see everyone's faces when the blue silly string came out. Afterward we had blue cake.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We wanted to go to Disneyland one lady time before our passes expired (and the baby comes!) so we made a long weekend of it. Of you haven't learned by now our lives revolve around good food!

A trip to umami burger is always a must!

And if you want Mexican El Torito Grill is the only way to go!

Of course The Blue Bayou at Disneyland is always a must, the Monte Cristo sandwich is deadly!

Just hanging out with my tigger tail while the boys went on Indiana jones.

We spent our last morning tracking down some Banksys and got lucky enough to find 2!

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