Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Happenings

August brought the Olympics

My mom was feeling the Olympic spirit and pulled out her SLC beret

We went to the Park City Art Festival and found a Banksy!

And this dream boat came into my life

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

July happenings

We met Bambi

Played more croquet

Karson became a real cowboy, rope and all

Mik and I went to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Sundance.

We went to the Demolition Derby in Heber with my family. Yee haw!

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Grand Ol Flag

To say my family loves the fourth of July is a understatement it's usually 2 full days of celebrating, food and fun. The evening before the 4th we always get a big group together and ride around the parade route on scooters.

Mik tried the BYU gear on at the freedom festival.

A patriotic breakfast to start the day

My dad took someone's bike for a spin before the parade and came back with a very patriotic Mohawk!

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Friday, September 7, 2012


Nectarines bloomed and we ate straight from the trees. So delish!

Special lovers cookies were made

Hats were bought for Lake Powell

Many a snow comes were eaten

We road tripped to Lake Powell

And got to stare at this lovely view all day

And we went to the rodeo in Spanish Fork

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June brought biking up the canyon

Fun fingernails

Swimming and surfing and playing outside

Showing up and matching at least one of my sisters is pretty typical, at the Roneys going away party we were triplets!

June marked the beginning of wedding season

Lots of trips to Sundance for a mini getaway!

Kortnis birthday

Tregans wedding

And her beautiful reception

And in the same night Saying goodbye to the Roneys for 3 years. Never a fun thing.

And lots of ice cream!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

May happenings

Early May brought great weather which meant lots of sunshine! We kicked it off with grilled chicken.

Karson fell asleep during his haircut (best haircut he ever got!)

My grandparents moved into a smaller place. We got a piano and a whole lot of dishes out of it!

And more eating outside

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Salon Happenings

I cant say enough how lucky I am to own and work at a Salon. I enjoy myself every day and work with an amazing group of people!

A couple times a month I get to teach classes to the stylists whether it be on a product, team building, etc. this class focus was Surf Spray.

My amazing staff.

We had a little fun with Kortnis hair.

And Miks...we blew it out to look like mine. No big deal.

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Summer Loving

The beginning of summer brought lots of snowies...

Lounging around Sundance

S'mores s'mores and more snores

Kyler visiting and spoiling us a completely made from scratch meal.

And more croquet then I can count. We could start a professional league!