Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So everyones loved having the salon in the house. i got a bunch of colorful hair extensions that the girls have been loving, so of course to celebrate the month we put some orange and black in! keely, karly and karter
karter had to be in the picture for some reason! i think he felt left out because he didnt get colors in his hair. girls have all the fun!!!

cute karly loving her orange hair

Saturday, September 27, 2008


For our honeymoon mik suprised me and took us to the Cayman Islands. i know i know, suprise suprise, but we actually did something a little different, our uncle so graciously let us stay in his beautiful suite and the Ritz Carlton. (thanks guys!) its on the other side of the island where are the tourists stay so we had a completely different experience, it was so amazing and we had such a great time! thanks mik, i love you!
we went out to one of the restaraunts at the hotel and had my favorite! sushi, yum!

we made sure to hit up all the tourist traps! these are the pirate caves. there was a zoo that led to the cave with the wierdest assortment of animals (1 horse, a couple goats, crabs, and guinea pigs to name a few!). it was cheesy but we had fun!

at the hotel....

my sexy hubby by the pool!

since it was our honeymoon i had to add one cheesy picture! awww!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


i decided to make salon information on a separate blog. its connected to this blog so just click on karissas salon and it will have all my information! thanks!

Monday, September 22, 2008


A few people have asked to see what our house looks like. Now that its finally somewhat put together i took a couple pictures. however its not completely put together yet so i skipped a few rooms, i promise ill post them later!

the front entry

the guest bathroom...come visit us its lovely!

i had to take a picture of this because its our very first and only piece of furniture we actually own! (we got it as a wedding gift from blake and nancy, thanks guys!) the rest is my parents that theyre so kindly letting us borrow! (thanks parents!)

family room

this is the view from our family room window!

some of you may recognize this from our wedding, and here's the final product! (we had everyone sign this instead of doing a guest book.)

last but not least this is our kitchen! i think we have spent more time in here then anywhere else! we've had fun trying out all the fun appliances we got as gifts and cooking meals for eachother. we are loving it so much i was thinking about starting a group blog of cooking ideas and recipes so we can swap and try different things, and maybe adding fun crafty things youve done or are doing out of the kitchen? i dont know! let me know if youre interested...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The salon in my parents house is finally done! Ive been cutting everyones hair in the kitchen the past couple years, so its been so nice to have a real place to do it and i can store all my stuff in one location! it turned out even better then i expected, im so excited! if youre in need of any sort of service let me know!(; yes, that is me in the mirror. lovely i know

my station and chair (its been so nice to be able to pump the chair up and down! its saving me lots of arm and backache!)

i think my dad was as excited as i was to get this place put together! i came home one day and he had bought those 2 mirrors and hung them up for me! thanks dad!

i love this piece! the picture doesnt do it justice but it turned out really beautiful

here's my sink and product area, i love it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


i got bridal pictures taken back in july and had so much fun! i had the pictures taken in my parents backyard so my family got to be there and hang out, karly even came out with a camera and became one of the photographers! you can look at the rest at baciphotography.com if it asks for a password its 'cayman'. these are some of my favorites!

i thought this one was so cute!

towards the end of the shoot it started getting really stormy so we
had to end early, but it made for some really great pictures!


we had such a hard time trying to decide which picture to put in our wedding invitations! we finally narrowed them down the our favorite 3. after everyone voting and LOTS of opinions we finally decided! you can go to baciphotography.com to view all the pictures

this one was my dads favorite

we LOVED this one tooo, it was so hard!

and as you probably know this is the one we chose!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well as most of you know Mik and I FINALLY got married!!! We are so happy and so excited to start our new life together! My mom has been blogging for awhile and i got hooked reading about everyone and what theyre up to, so i thought i would start our own for our family and friends to hopefully enjoy! Our actual wedding photos arent done yet so we will add those later but until then we have plenty of pictures to share! enjoy...

these pictures are taken at the provo temple,

it's the very first time both of us went through!

Mik and his grandpa Preston, who was also

Miks escort

We were both so excited to get to go through the temple, but Mik was definitely more excited then i was! he got to my parents super bright and early that morning, he couldnt wait to go!

we are so happy and blessed to have the gospel
in our life!

me and my beautiful parents!

my parents also went through with us, we are

so happy and grateful for them! we love you guys!