Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The last couple of months have been so crazy I feel like we haven't done a whole lot since the birth our new "baby" (yes i refer to the salon as my baby!). But i felt like it was definitely time for an update! This is what my life consists of Monday through Friday 9am-6pm...

No it's not that bad we really are having fun with the salon; I love the girls who work for us, i love the area and i love cutting hair and being surrounded by it 24/7! Though some days it does get quite monotinous ie: when i sit behing the desk hour after hour! We have had some time to go out and play after work, some of the things we have done the past month:
we went mini golfing with the family for FHE

Kyler put Mik in charge of his scooters while he's on the mish so we've been cruising those around and loving it!

And with the recent sun finally coming out we have been doing a little of this (but not enough!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

After many requests I've finally posted some pictures of the salon! They were taken with my iphone so theyre not great but they'll do. Welcome, stay as long as you'd like!

Reception Area. Right now we carry Nuskin, Sebastian, Glymed and Racoon Xtend products but we have some exciting news......we are getting in Bumble and Bumble hair products! I'm SO excited!

Salon Area

Shampoo Area

Our lovely Esthetic Room

I'm so sad because i wish i would have taken before and after pictures of everything! When i finally thought of it we had everything done except the very back room. Long story short the old owner let the place run into the ground and got locked out so it was basically left as if they were coming back the next day. (It was extremely messy and in need of a face lift!) So here you are,
BEFORE: (yes it really looked like this when we walked in)

AFTER: Lovely lovey! We extended the counter and ripped out all the shelving on the left. much better and more organized!

Check out our salon blog karissasalon.blogspot.com for more info on our services!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last Saturday Mik and I went up to my Aunts house for her step daughters wedding. Confusing i know! Nevertheless i love weddings so i couldn't resist! 

The Luncheon

At the reception they had ice cream, chips and salsa and my favorite cotton candy!