Thursday, May 27, 2010


May 15 we threw a one year birthday party for this place:

As you saw in my earlier post a lot of preparation was made, including making cute Salon K pins...

Flowers were arranged (by the lovely Natalie Newman, the BEST of the BEST! Let me know if you need her for any upcoming event!)

More flowers were arranged...

Hairspray was set out

Cupcakes were arranged and eaten

Goody bags were given (you missed out if you didn't get one!)

Hairs were blow dried

Cute birthday cards were made (by the lovely Bryn Bateman who I also highly recommend!) thank you to Mik the photographer!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us! Thanks for all of your support over the last year and here's to many years to come!

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Monday, May 24, 2010


We did a little "spring cleaning" in our garage and decided it was high time Mik got a new car. His subarus plates were expiring and it was going to cost an arm and a leg (again) to fix (again) and we figured we might as well be making car payments on a new car instead of dumping a ton of money into a junker.

Goodbye white Soobee. Thanks for being so good to us. Thanks for all the good times and adventures. You were definitely worth all $500.
Mik and Karissa

He traded old soobee in and got a black Kia. It's the love of his life. If you ever can't fine Mik these days you will most likely find him in the garage cleaning his new love.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Who knew getting ready for the salon bday party would be such a huge ordeal? Friday I headed to zurchers to get balloons. I wanted to get a bunch of those huge oversized ones until I saw they were $16 each. Hm regular balloons it is! I shoved them in my car and was going to run a few more errands until I realized I couldn't see out my rearview mirror!

Butterflies were cut out and new awnings were put up in the knick of time!


Then I thought I would be so smart and save a ton of money by making cupcakes myself. I always take on huge projects like this thinking it will take a couple hours and I'll be done. Well I started around 630pm and 3 million cupcakes later I was done after much for quick.

It was a lot of preparation but it was a fun successful day and was definitely worth it! I have lots of cupcakes left over anyone interested?

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Monday, May 10, 2010


Over the weekend my cousin Brienne got married. It was a weekend filled with dinner, the temple and a reception. Saturday night Kenzie and I took Karly, Karter and Karson to the reception while the rest of the family went to cheer on the Jazz. This is what happens when you ask Karter to take a picture.....

Thanks Karter!

Kenzie enjoying a rock candy

Little buddy havin a grouchy-I-don't-want-my-picture-taken moment...

He was loving the 'zert aka dessert aka yummy crepes, he also devoured around 10 rock candy suckers....

Brienne was a beautiful bride, I can't wait for her to start her new adventure!

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