Friday, October 28, 2011

We Heart NYC part 1

The first 2 days the stylists and I were in class so Mik had to entertain himself. He decided to go to Wall Street and check out the protestors. He wanted to be part of the fun so he went to Kinko's and made his own words.

We took advantage of the subway. Here are some of the salon ladies.

We couldn't pass up the m&m factory in Times Square! Mik was too busy getting treats to stop for a picture!

More Times Square

Mik and I love the tv show Rachel Zoe Project. Brad Goreski used to work as her assistant, anyways Mik ran into him and they sat and chatted for awhile. I was so jelly!

We stayed in Trump Tower and one morning we woke up and these statues had appeared right outside of the building!

We spent Sunday morning in Central Park. SO FUN! We rented bikes and enjoyed the scenery. It was perfect fall weather.

one of my to-do's was to see the Alice in Wonderland Statue, it was huge!

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Mik and I went to New York a couple weeks ago with all of our salon stylists to go to a Bumble and bumble cutting class. We did a ton of fun things and took a ton of pictures so I've divided our trip into 3 posts. This first post is on the FOOD, yes I dedicate this post to all the delicious food we ate. Our friend Mairin lives in nyc and so she emailed us a huge list of places that were a must to eat at, and eat we did! Our first stop was Cafeteria. Really good comfort food, I got the mac&cheese, it was a fun gourmet atmosphere.

On our honeymoon we discovered Parmesan truffle fries and never looked back. Cafeteria had them and they brought us right back!

Us and some of the salon ladies.

A Salt and Battery: fish and chips to DIE FOR. The owners are all English, they had 4-5 different types of fish to choose from, quick and cheap.

We finished the evening off with cake from Magnolia Bakery. The cakes were pretty good, not my favorite from the trip though.

There was a Shake Shack close to where we were staying so we visited a few times. The crinkle fries were really good and so were their specialty shakes.

Hands down my favorite place was Bubby's. We treated all the stylists so it was fun to have everyone together too. It was gourmet american food, I got the mac and cheese which was phenomenal but make sure you save room for dessert. Their pies are seriously some of the best I have ever had (chocolate peanut butter and the pumpkin were both amazing).

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then ate Grimaldi's pizza on the other side. There was a long line but somehow the receptionist just let us breeze through. Afterwards go around the corner to this cute little ice cream place for the freshest ice cream you will ever have! We enjoyed ours while we rode a ferry back to Manhattan.

Max Brenner. Such a fun place. The food is just so-so but the dessert is yum! Fondue, chocolate cake, chocolate and more chocolate!

Dylan's Candy Bar. Such a cute and yummy candy store. Karly agrees.

One of my favorite places to go in new york is Serendipity. Such a cute little place and the desserts are to die for! We got the chocolate peanut butter frozen hot chocolate and the Humble Pie (what I would do for another piece of the humble pie!). As you can see our bellies were very happy while we were in the big apple!

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Crafty Craft

I am a huge Halloween lover. Seriously I am obsessed! Here's a little taste of our haunted house.

My cousin's and I started a monthly craft night where we all get together and work on a project. This month I hosted, here are a few pictures (I laugh because I didn't get one single picture of the actual event!).

Treat table

Pumpkin cookies (we already know I'm obsessed).

I got this idea from pinterest. Dip pretzel rods in caramel and then white chocolate and use mini chocolate chips to make faces. Super simple and cute! Here is a picture of my finished product from the evening:

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like I always go in spurts with my blog posting. October is my favorite month of the whole year and it has flown by! Here is a little of what Mik and I have been up to.... Sister Kortni ditched us and moved to California to go to FIDM (jealous!). Before Kortni's big move she cleaned out her closet. Keely and I found some serious gems!

Mik drove to California with Kortni and Keely to help with the big move. They also managed to sneak in a few hours at Disneyland

Poor Kyler hurt his ankle skateboarding. Luckily Stehly was around to sweep him off his feet.

Speaking of Stehly, if you have met him you know he is a big guy (he plays football for BYU). For some reason the boys in my family are obsessed with wrestling. So of course they had to take on Stehly, 2 against 1 and Stehly still wins. It definitely makes for an entertaining evening!

Speaking of BYU football Mik has been enjoying going to the games. I caught this pic on the tv when he and Kyler were watching the game in Texas.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Conference Weekend

Oh boy did we have a lovely conference weekend! We spent Sunday at the Ranch House with my family. It was perfect weather and the fall colors were so beautiful! It was perfect timing.

Inbetween sessions we spent out time collecting beautiful leaves....

catching fuzzy caterpillars...

walking around and enjoying the lovely weather....

and some crazies jumped in the freezing pond...

and jumped out just as quickly....

biggie had to get in on the action...

Oh it was a lovely weekend!
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