Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night we went with my parents to the first Jazz game of the season. We had such a good time! It was a pretty close game in the end but the Jazz beat the Denver Nuggets 98-94. GO JAZZ! thanks mom and dad for the fun night!

Friday, October 24, 2008


mik and i both LOVE fall and we also love halloween! we started decorating our house in september! i thought i would share a few pictures! even Apple loves halloween....

last night mik and i went to gardners village. we go every year and love it every time! if you haven't gone up there yet youve got to go before halloween! make sure you get some pumpkin fudge! yum! 

yes yes as you can see i also decided to become a brunette yesterday! i've been blonde ever since i can remember and was in need of a change, goodbye lovely blonde locks!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


For UEA weekend Mik and I went with my parents to a friends place called Pirates Cove, it was such an amazing place!  There was lots of swimming, water sliding and of course eating! everyone had such a good time!  i uploaded a ton of pictures so enjoy! By the way pirates cove is in boulder city (right next to las vegas)

there was a ice cream machine that we of course all enjoyed!

mik going into a pirates cave

kortni about to go down the smaller waterslide 

mik about to go down the big water slide

kyler and mik about to jump off into the water 

mik rope swinging

karter rope swinging!

we also babysat karson the day before and the day after we went to pirates cove while my parents drove. we had a blast hanging out with karson for a couple days, but we were happy to be able to send him back home! we love you karson!

there were lots of funny times

and some grouchy times

who doesnt love a good bath?
thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Friday night Mik and i went to a play at BYU called Dial M for Murder. My grandma gave us the tickets and we were a bit iffy about going but ended up having such a good time! Thanks grandma!

we forgot a camera so the pictures were taken with my phone so sorry if they're not the best!

Monday, October 6, 2008


i hope all of you enjoyed general conference as much as i did! im so grateful for conference and the things we are taught and for our sweet loving prophet President Monson. this conference we went up to my parents ranch house and all watched conference together.
during conference we painted halloween toes

and made cute flowers out of paper

inbetween sessions everyone rode 4 wheelers, and got super muddy! kyler and mik definitely enjoyed themselves! (dont you love kylers mud beard?!)

my muddy hubby

kyler, mik and my dad shooting guns (not at animals, just cans and targets and all that fun stuff)
mik and i had such a fun weekend! thanks mom and dad!


Kortni had her homecoming dance last week, and looked adorable! i did her hair, she was probably the only girl in school who has a in house salon and "personal hairdresser"! we had fun getting her ready and as you can see she looks gorgeous! love you kort!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


lately ive been in a cooking mood, mik and i have probably both gained 15 pounds since we've been married! i decided i wanted to make homemade jam, which of course got my mom going too so we made a bunch together today! we made strawberry and peach. we sent the kids to pick the peaches off of our trees and they could only find about 10, apparantally someone else has been enjoying our peaches.....

my mom had all these cute lids! i just had to take a picture!

and you cant just eat jam alone, so i gave in and made some homemade bread! i had to hurry and take a picture, everyone had already gone through 2 loaves by the time i got there!


yes Apple is our dog, not a child, and yes we celebrated her birthday! she turned 3 so we threw her a little party and of course she loved it. a little about apple; she's very stubborn and snotty, shes barely potty trained, and she loves balls no matter the size, shape or material. but no matter what we still love her to death and glad she's a part of our lifes! happy birthday apple! we got her a doggy birthday cake

which she dug right into

we decided to make cookies in the shapes of dogs and bones so we could have something to enjoy!

we were making cookies and all the sudden i look over and i see this!
who could the culprit be?