Saturday, March 13, 2010


Mik and I got invited to go to Bumble and bumble University in New York and of course we jumped at the chance! We left Saturday night and took the red eye so the first thing we did when we got there (at 6 am) was take a little nap! We got to stay in a friend's place it was AMAZING!

After our nap we hit the streets! We walked all over the place! This is the cool mac building...

Mik was reluctant about going to a toy store but I convinced him he HAD to go to F.A.O. Schwartz. Of course he LOVED it! They had the coolest Harry Potter section...

A soldier built entirely of jelly beans!

Next stop was Dylan's Candy Bar. It's a huge yummy candy store.

Later that night we were starving! We needed some good old fashioned NYC pizza and found the yummiest little place:

The next day was the beginning of Bb.U. It was a 3 day course for owners of salons, basically we learned how to have a better salon all around. We definitely learned a ton! There was a lot of sitting in class rooms...
Peter is the ceo of Bumble. Since we are exclusive with Bumble we got to have lunch with him later that week, it was awesome! But we were so bummed because he had to run to a meeting and we didn't get a picture with him! so this is as good as it gets.

Bumble has 2 different salons in NYC one Uptown and one Downtown. All the classes were held in the downtown building (they own the entire building). We took a tour and were blown away! I didn't get a ton of pictures, but trust me this place was HUGE! The entire top floor is the reception area...
There is also the cutest little Bumble cafe in the waiting area where clients can get tea, drinks and yummy food either while they're waiting or even while they're getting their hair done!

Downstairs was an entire floor of cutting, the floor below that was an entire floor just for coloring! This sign definitely describes Mik and his hair!

The 3rd floor is BbU. Every day we took a ton of classes and they fed us yummy breakfast and lunch!
Mik's so happy because we are DONE and GRADUATED!
Don't know when this picture was taken but you just can't pass a beautiful work of art like this without taking a picture!
My parents met us in NYC a couple days later. The first night we went to a yummy Italian restaurant. My mom and I couldn't resist taking pictures of their fancy bathroom! These pictures don't do it justice but the lighting was dim, very romantic!
Notice all the candles, rose petals and water fountains.

After dinner we saw Chicago. It was quite sexy!

Then finished off the night with a game of pool!

The next night we went to dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant. They had all these sexy diving men all over on the wall!

We got to see another show South Pacific, "i'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair!"

The next day we walked around the city with my parents. We went to Toys R Us. Mik almost got killed by a T Rex!

Yes that is a GIANT Barbie house! Any girls dream!

Candy Land King...

Times Square
It was just a little windy

We said farewell to my parents (they had to catch their flight) and Mik and I walked around some more. We went to Canal Street, if you haven't experienced you need to! Then were just walking around town and saw these building poles and LOVED them! So I had to take a picture. You don't see cute stuff like this on buildings every day!

We went to Bumble and bumble salon Uptown. It was also amazing!

We also went to go to Bloomingdale's to see the Bumble Bar (are we bumbled out yet? no way!). We also HAD to do a little shopping.

We finished the night off with a delicious dinner at Serendipity and of course YUMMY YUMMY dessert!

Can't go wrong with chocolate cake!

or a hot fudge sundae!

Good Bye New York! Until next time....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New York

Next week we are going to New York for a Bumble and bumble class. Hoorah! Any suggestions on what to eat, where to go, favorite places, etc etc etc?