Monday, January 25, 2010


Way back in November one of my friends was getting married in California and I really wanted to go but Mik couldn't get work off so Kenzie and Kortni volunteered to road trip there with me! It was quite the adventure! There was lots of driving...

and more driving...

We decided to cut all that driving in half so we stopped in Las Vegas. A family member has a house there but is trying to sell it so unfortunately he moved all the furniture out, but since it was free we decided it was better then nothing! These were our comfy sleeping arrangements.

We woke up bright and early the next morning due to a bad nights sleep, stiff necks and backs from our sleeping arrangements. Good morning!

This is what happens when you have no chair, ladder or any type of useful furniture...

Since we were up so early we decided to hang out in Vegas for a little bit and do some shopping. We found the best outlet mall!

And you can't pass through Las Vegas without stopping at IN N OUT!

We managed to make it safely to California and were lucky enough to stay with the California Roneys! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but they kept us very entertained! Never a dull moment with all those little girlies! The next day we decided to shop it up some more. We stopped at Nordstrom for some delicious lunch.

We also made it a priority to get cupcakes from Sprinkles! Yes that is my arm and thumb. And yes we brought some home to share! (unfortunately Kenzie's had a little accident and didn't make it. Such a shame!)

Between all that shopping and eating we made it to the wedding. Ashley was a gorgeous bride (i'm in LOVE with her dress!) and she had a perfect wedding!

Kortni getting on her groove on the dance floor.

On the way home from the wedding we saw this in the distance and couldn't figure out what it was...

We got closer and realized it was a car completely on fire. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! Unfortunately we got so distracted we missed our exit!

On the way home one night we happened to drive right by the temple! So we of course had to stop and get a picture (we definitely get that from our mom). Some old man took it for us and unfortunately it turned out a bit blurry!

It was quite the adventure and we made it home safely! The End.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So it has been over a month since my last post, there has been no time our life is so crazy! Here is a quick update on what we have been doing over the last month.

As you all know my day consists of hanging out here all day...

I love that we own our own business and that I am my own boss! I put over 50 hours a week into this baby but it's been so worth it! It's so nice to be able to do what I love! We have been blessed with some amazing employees and clients! Now if only we could get it to be busy 24/7!

And where is Mik during all of this? Working of course! Hopefully not with her...
But he did get a job at the Harley Davidson dealership in Lindon.
He is loving it and making a lot of new interesting friends! Have you eaten at Marley's? It is SO DELICIOUS! Here's a little taste...

He also still works Saturday nights at Sundance in the Foundry Grill.

He spends his evenings coaching for Keaton's

As you can see our lives are highly insane right now (says Mik)!