Saturday, October 18, 2008


For UEA weekend Mik and I went with my parents to a friends place called Pirates Cove, it was such an amazing place!  There was lots of swimming, water sliding and of course eating! everyone had such a good time!  i uploaded a ton of pictures so enjoy! By the way pirates cove is in boulder city (right next to las vegas)

there was a ice cream machine that we of course all enjoyed!

mik going into a pirates cave

kortni about to go down the smaller waterslide 

mik about to go down the big water slide

kyler and mik about to jump off into the water 

mik rope swinging

karter rope swinging!

we also babysat karson the day before and the day after we went to pirates cove while my parents drove. we had a blast hanging out with karson for a couple days, but we were happy to be able to send him back home! we love you karson!

there were lots of funny times

and some grouchy times

who doesnt love a good bath?
thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!


Roney's said...

that was fun and thats a dang cute baby even if he is naughty!

Brienne said...

This looks like it was so much fun!! That´s so awesome! I´m so glad you found me and now I can stay updated on you too! I had a crazy dream last night and you were in it and we lived together. it was crazy! hope all is well! love and miss you!

California Roney's said...

That place looks so cool. Is that at someone's house? How crazy. Looks like you guys had a blast. And how fun that you got the have Karson. I love the picture of him in the bubble bath with pretty much just his cute little face out of the water!!!

Janna said...

Where is Pirate's Cove? Are you in Utah still? at someone's house??? Karson's a cutie!

Kenzie said...

Yeah that was so fun you're welcome. Oh wait I was at poopy school. You forgot to write how sad you were that I couldn't come.

hillary and britton said...

How awesome! You saw our family too:) I love your bathing suit by the way! Did Karson wake you up at all during the night?

stephanie said...

karson is so cute! i love that picture of his face in the bathtub. and i agree with hillary, cute bathing suit!

Holly said...

kenzie is funny.
karson is adorable (we need to get him and gwen together, they have similar moods).
that place looks like so much fun!
and your suit is adorable karissa!

Sara said...

How fun is that little place!! Where is that by the way? I'm sure I am like the 10th person to ask that. It is so fun to be able to see what you guys are doing. Oh and I might need you to color my hair for me.....I will call you and let you know!!