Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sorry about my far and few blog posts life has been crazy! We went to Hawaii a couple weeks ago with my family and had so much fun! We all got to relax and spend time together before Kyler left on his mission. I have so many pictures that im going to post them in parts. Sunday after church we went to Pearl Harbor, Mik LOVES history so he was all about it!
here we are waiting for the movie to start

we took a ferry out to the memorial

I had to hurry and snap this picture before they moved! We miss you like crazy Kyler!

After the memorial we went onto a submarine. It was SO claustrophobic! i couldn't imagine being stuck down there for a day let alone months!

Kyler and Mik shooting the humongous gun 


Lindsay said...

Your page is darling!!!! Where did you get your background, and your header? I LOVE!!!! And fun pictures in Hawaii! So lucky!

Karissa and Mik said...

thanks! the background is from and the header is left over from something i had made for our wedding!

Denice said...

that was so fun!

Holly said...

can you believe that while i was at BYU-Hawaii (for a whole year) i never went to Pearl Harbor? i am ashamed and feel like it kind of makes me a bad American.

i love all your guys' pictures and how Mik is always hamming it up! you guys are so cute. and what a great vacation with your family, it looks like it was a lot of fun!