Thursday, August 27, 2009


 Miks birthday was July 29th...I can't believe im posting this over a month later! Time definitely flies! For Miks bday we headed to Jdogs for delicious hot dogs (make sure you get the special sauce) and stopped for Surf n Slurps aka glorified snowies. Surf and Slurp is definitely better, you can get ice cream on the bottom, it's surprisingly delicious!

Mik spent the rest of the day swimming and relaxing. Later that night both our families went to Sundance to have dinner in the Grill Room. So delicious!

Everyone enjoying their deliciouso dinners

Then we went home to open presents of course. This is our family tradition classic picture that we always take.

He requested cheesecake for his birthday cake

and what's a Roney birthday without the spanking machine. Unfortunately this is something you can't grow out of. 


Courtney and Hyrum said...

so fun! i would love to see you! yes, we are living in sarah's basement, just let me know whenever you are free, you must be so busy with the salon

Carissa Rasmussen said...

r u guys still living in the same house on temple dr? We just moved back to the ward and don't know when it starts:)

Denice said...

happy bday mik!