Saturday, July 31, 2010


Thursday, July 29 was Mik's 23rd Bday. I'm such a lucky lady to have this guy as my husby!

The night before I took the kids to get balloons, this humongous one wouldn't even fit in the mini van door! Karly offered to hold onto it while it hung out the window but luckily after putting the backseat down it fit in the back....barely!

All Mik wanted to do for his birthday was use his new grill, so we invited family over for a BBQ. Mik grilled the hot dogs.

Some of the guests...

Bubbles were Blown...

The decor

Opening some great gifts!

His chocolate peanut butter bars birthday cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Happy Birthday Mik!
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kyle + melissa said...

Happy Birthday to mister severe! you guys are the cutest. looks like a lovely day. love the birthday decor!