Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Mik came up with the grand idea of having a "connection night" once a week (aka date night with a fancy name). We look for things that are cheap or free and the goal is to do something different then the same old shmame old dinner and a movie. A couple weeks ago we went to the BYU Art Museum and LOVED it! They have 3 different exhibits going on right now; Suburbia, Life of Christ (very cool) and the museums personal collection (our favorite).

Can you tell which ones were our favorite? We wanted to take more but little did we know it's against the rules to take pictures....Last week we went to Amano Chocolate. Run don't walk! Who knew there was a world renowned chocolate place in Provo?! You get free samples of all the different chocolates they make, brownies and peanut brittle. Delish!

After the taste testing we each took home a bar of our favorite and some yummy truffles.
The Madagascar bar for Mik and the milk chocolate Ocumere bar for me!

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Jen Carter said...

Lol I love it. Connection Night. Pretty sure I'll be going to that chocolate place very soon........