Thursday, October 7, 2010


We had a great conference weekend! It was nice to be able to hear from President Monson and all the other amazing messages! We spent the weekend with my family up the canyon, it was so beautiful! I LOVE fall and this time of year, the changing leaves were beautiful! Mik went on his very first "real" horse ride with Kody. He loved it!

Yeehaw cowboy!

Aren't the leaves beautiful?! The perfect setting for conference!

Karson couldn't get enough of the four wheelers! He made everyone take him millions of times, he never got bored!

Keaton bravely took a dip in the freezing pond!

Apple kept herself busy with a gigantic frisbee she found.

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Denice said...

apple and mik were equally excited over completely different things. so cute :)

Merrills said...

I love seeing apple and that giant frisbee! A random playground ball made its way into our yard yesterday and our dog (who is suppoosed to be tough and strong at least to match a silky terrier) was totally afraid of it. My kids loved playing with Apple for hours with her big ball when you guys were gone. She is such a cute dog, no matter how old she gets we will probably end up calling her "puppy " still. Hope you dont mind.

California Roney's said...

How fun! What a way to spend conference weekend!