Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day

We had a lovely little Valentine's Day. Can I just tell you how glad I am that I married Mik? Who else could deal with all my craziness! We both agreed a delicious dinner at Sundance was enough celebration (reason #1: he loves food as much as I do). No gifts. No cards. Just us. We did splurge on a box of See's Candies (reason #2: he loves treats, especially if it includes chocolate and peanut butter). We finished the night by renting a movie (reason #3: he enjoys a good movie, chick flicks included). Ok I could go on and on but I'll spare you.

Apparently the Tree Room was the place to be last night. We bumped in to my parents, aunt and uncle and of course this gorgeous lady!

I hope you all got to spend the day with someone you love!

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Cason and Marie said...

You guys are cute! Glad you guys had a yummy valentines day! Sundance is so good!

sarah said...

Yay! You posted our picture. I look HUGE! Love ya.