Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bumble and bumble LIVE!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go to Bumble and bumble LIVE in Beverly Hills. It was fun to get all dressed up and spend time with a group of amazing people in my industry. The event started off with a cocktail reception where we got to mix and mingle with the best of the best. Mik's highlight of the hour was chatting with Peter Lichtenthal the president of Bumble and mine was meeting Amanda the face of Bumble's Thickening campaign (picture below).

Mik's brother, Tyler let us stay with him while we were in California and we had an extra ticket so he joined us! After the reception we spent 3 hours in heaven (haha I don't think Mik would agree with me, but i was LOVING it!). Howard McLaren (Bumble's head stylist) did a big presentation showing us videos he put together, did some live haircuts and left us with some inspiring words. I left feeling motivated, inspired and ready to conquer the salon world!

We were seriously star struck when we met Howard! We were fumbling over our words and makin' a fool of ourselves! But he was a good sport and was extremely nice, I'm sure he deals with salon dorks like us all the time.
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