Friday, September 12, 2008


Well as most of you know Mik and I FINALLY got married!!! We are so happy and so excited to start our new life together! My mom has been blogging for awhile and i got hooked reading about everyone and what theyre up to, so i thought i would start our own for our family and friends to hopefully enjoy! Our actual wedding photos arent done yet so we will add those later but until then we have plenty of pictures to share! enjoy...

these pictures are taken at the provo temple,

it's the very first time both of us went through!

Mik and his grandpa Preston, who was also

Miks escort

We were both so excited to get to go through the temple, but Mik was definitely more excited then i was! he got to my parents super bright and early that morning, he couldnt wait to go!

we are so happy and blessed to have the gospel
in our life!

me and my beautiful parents!

my parents also went through with us, we are

so happy and grateful for them! we love you guys!

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Janna said...

Hi Karissa-
Yay! You have a blog. I especially like the pictures on this post:) Can't wait to hear about life as newlyweds.