Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The salon in my parents house is finally done! Ive been cutting everyones hair in the kitchen the past couple years, so its been so nice to have a real place to do it and i can store all my stuff in one location! it turned out even better then i expected, im so excited! if youre in need of any sort of service let me know!(; yes, that is me in the mirror. lovely i know

my station and chair (its been so nice to be able to pump the chair up and down! its saving me lots of arm and backache!)

i think my dad was as excited as i was to get this place put together! i came home one day and he had bought those 2 mirrors and hung them up for me! thanks dad!

i love this piece! the picture doesnt do it justice but it turned out really beautiful

here's my sink and product area, i love it!


California Roney's said...

That is awesome. Where in there house if your salon? I am sure your mother loves having a daughter on hand to do hair for all the kids! I love it!

Janna said...

Wow Karissa. How cool. I saw the room when I was there, but man oh man look at it now!! How much do you charge for a color and cut? :)

Amber said...

Karissa, I'm so impressed with you! I miss you little smiling face! And congrats on the wedding! I wish I could have been there! Where in the house is this salon? I'm trying to get a mental pic of this room, it looks fabulous. Send me your address because I've been meaning to send you a little sum'um for the wedding. amberkirk@gmail.com

Janna said...

wow- what a bargain. if i lived there you would so be doing my hair.

Jamie Hyde said...

I have to agree the Pictures don't do it Justice! It turned out So cute! I love it!

Holly said...

what sort of services do you offer?

Summer said...

I am loving your own little salon! I wish I had one of those! One day!
I hope marriage is treating you well!!

CAINS said...

WOW! I'll be making a schedule with you on a weekly basis! Who knows, I might become an Allie for a bit and forget how to do my hair! Any excuse to hang out in there! I have to apologize ahead of time and let you in on a secret...I have no idea how to blog, so don't tell anyone! I love your blog!

Lindsay said...

YAY!!! So happy I came across your blog! how are you? You look great and your bridals look amazing! What is your pricing for hair color? Let me know :)

Denice said...

ok - so it is cool to have a salon in our house. it comes in very handy. it used to be a closet, but now it is a wonderful room. it did cost me dearly though.
hair school tuition: $9,000
state board test: $90
esthetician school tuition: $5,000
board tests (x's 2 :): $120
closet remodel: $5,000
having my daughter cute hair anywhere but my kitchen: priceless!

Lush Studio said...

cute salon! I'm glad you have a place of your own. You need to come see the old school, we just remodeled it and made one big salon and it is beautiful.