Saturday, June 13, 2009

After many requests I've finally posted some pictures of the salon! They were taken with my iphone so theyre not great but they'll do. Welcome, stay as long as you'd like!

Reception Area. Right now we carry Nuskin, Sebastian, Glymed and Racoon Xtend products but we have some exciting news......we are getting in Bumble and Bumble hair products! I'm SO excited!

Salon Area

Shampoo Area

Our lovely Esthetic Room

I'm so sad because i wish i would have taken before and after pictures of everything! When i finally thought of it we had everything done except the very back room. Long story short the old owner let the place run into the ground and got locked out so it was basically left as if they were coming back the next day. (It was extremely messy and in need of a face lift!) So here you are,
BEFORE: (yes it really looked like this when we walked in)

AFTER: Lovely lovey! We extended the counter and ripped out all the shelving on the left. much better and more organized!

Check out our salon blog for more info on our services!


Siri Elaine said...

Congratulations on the Opening! So exciting! I will have to stop in!

Holly said...

you really have made that place look SO much better!

AND i'm SO excited you are going to carry Bumble & Bumble.

JH Roneys said...

Looks awesome!! Congratulations again!

hillary and britton said...

Looks beautiful! I can't wait to come and get a hair cut. Your blog background is beautiful by the way-I might have to copy you:)

Denice said...

i was there. it really was awful, but it is so awesome now. the nicest salon in the state :)

Janna said...

Karissa- it's awesome! So proud of you. What an achievment! Can't wait to see it! Are you running it and working it??

Jamie Hyde said...

Karissa I love the Salon! I love the paper flowers that are hanging in the windows! Where did you get them and do they come in any other colors?

Karissa and Mik said...

thanks jamie! i got them from michaels craft (from the martha stewart section)they also come in a pink kit but you can make them very easily as well.