Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elder Dork

Kyler gets home in exactly one week! Just thinking about it makes me want to jump up and down slash brings tears to my eyes. Preparing for Kyler to get home has been like getting ready for a new baby. My mom got his room all ready and clean, homecoming plans were made and posters and banners created for the airport reunion (more jumping up and down and tears come to mind). Mik has been counting down the days for weeks now (he just may be more excited then me, he finally gets his BFF back!); 2 scooters have been insured, tuned and cleaned (apparently no easy task, this has taken weeks) and the xbox is being warmed up. But in all this I guess we forgot to ask Elder Roney how he feels. I emailed him pictures from Nancy's bday party and this was his reply:
"thanks for the pics. that reminded me why i want to come home haha. i was thinking otherwise for a bit. see ya later aligata!"
I'm glad I could remind him why it's time for him to come home after 2 long years!

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