Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nifty Fifty

Yesterday Aunt Nancy turned 50 (I can only hope I look as amazing as she does when I turn 50!) and we celebrated with a fiesta! We all donned sombreros (except miss keely who claimed to be already having a bad enough hair day), ate delicious food, hit a pinata and enjoyed lovely company.

Uh sorry Karson wrong nationality!

There were 50 balloons decorating the party and at the end we let them all go. Karson was pumped!

That look on his face after they were released is priceless!

My mom had the genious idea of gifting Nancy 50 nailpolishes, it was a huge hit! Everyone starting enjoying and using them right away.

Cute little Nora took full advantage of the situation, getting a manicure using 10 different colors!

Happy Birthday Nancy!
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