Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The first week of August we packed our bags for a week in paradise (aka Cayman). Our Days were filled with swimming, reading, relaxing, paddle surfing and playing with family. It was such a great week!

Some handsome men and closed eyes. Our nights were filled with beautiful sunsets, delicious food, games and fireworks.

We had to go biking every night to work off all that dessert. Mik of course couldn't just go on a normal bike ride, he had to make it interesting...

bike plank?

I'm a model. We left on Sunday but went to church before our flight left. Since we were all dressed up I made Mik take a picture with me, Mik obviously didn't have the same thoughts. That's ok he still looks handsome.

Saying our final goodbye. Kort's a model too. What a lovely trip!

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