Saturday, September 10, 2011

BYU Socka Rocka's

All my little brothers are playing sports this fall, last week they all had a game on the same night so we had a tour de sports. Karson's soccer game was first, seriously so hilarious! He gets sidetracked quite easily during his play time which makes for an entertaining 30 minutes.

Next up was Karter's flag football game. They won thanks to Dad's coaching skills and Kyler's assistant coaching skills (haha).

Last of the night was Taylor's (tackle!) football game, I forgot to get pictures. The team they were supposed to play didn't show up so they played eachother. Good practice I guess? It was fun to go back to my old stomping grounds but is it just me or are freshman teeny tiny these days?! Boy I'm getting old!
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Denice said...

It means you are old!