Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like I always go in spurts with my blog posting. October is my favorite month of the whole year and it has flown by! Here is a little of what Mik and I have been up to.... Sister Kortni ditched us and moved to California to go to FIDM (jealous!). Before Kortni's big move she cleaned out her closet. Keely and I found some serious gems!

Mik drove to California with Kortni and Keely to help with the big move. They also managed to sneak in a few hours at Disneyland

Poor Kyler hurt his ankle skateboarding. Luckily Stehly was around to sweep him off his feet.

Speaking of Stehly, if you have met him you know he is a big guy (he plays football for BYU). For some reason the boys in my family are obsessed with wrestling. So of course they had to take on Stehly, 2 against 1 and Stehly still wins. It definitely makes for an entertaining evening!

Speaking of BYU football Mik has been enjoying going to the games. I caught this pic on the tv when he and Kyler were watching the game in Texas.

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