Friday, October 28, 2011

We Heart NYC part 1

The first 2 days the stylists and I were in class so Mik had to entertain himself. He decided to go to Wall Street and check out the protestors. He wanted to be part of the fun so he went to Kinko's and made his own words.

We took advantage of the subway. Here are some of the salon ladies.

We couldn't pass up the m&m factory in Times Square! Mik was too busy getting treats to stop for a picture!

More Times Square

Mik and I love the tv show Rachel Zoe Project. Brad Goreski used to work as her assistant, anyways Mik ran into him and they sat and chatted for awhile. I was so jelly!

We stayed in Trump Tower and one morning we woke up and these statues had appeared right outside of the building!

We spent Sunday morning in Central Park. SO FUN! We rented bikes and enjoyed the scenery. It was perfect fall weather.

one of my to-do's was to see the Alice in Wonderland Statue, it was huge!

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