Thursday, July 21, 2011

No One is Hotter than Harry Potter

Last week Mik was convinced we needed to go to the midnight Harry Potter showing. I have a grandma bedtime, I am in bed no later than 11pm every night so staying up until 3 pm was a big change for me! But since it was the LAST Harry Potter movie I thought it would be fun to be there with all the die hard fans.

Saturday night we went to Sundance for the full moon chair lift ride. We ate at the Grill Room before which was delicious! While we were eating Nie Nie walked through the restaraunt and I got giddy, yes giddy. Like big time celebrity giddy. I was too nervous to say hello, maybe next time....The chair lift ride was fun and relaxing, we highly recommend going next full moon!

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Carissa Rasmussen said...

loved it! wasn't it just amazing. also, i'm a 9:30pm kinda gal:) helps that baby wakes up bright and early.