Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NYC pt 2

The second part of our New York trip was just as lovely. We went to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. The lines were so long so we just gazed at it from a distance.

We passed the Temple and stepped inside for a photo op.

Here we are checking out Ground Zero. There wasn't a whole lot to see because it was all fenced off and blocked so we took a picture by a picture of what it's going to look like...

I so smartly suggested we walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, it was a lot longer of a walk then we anticipated but the view was beautiful and it was lovely weather (oh and there was delicious grimaldis pizza calling our name at the end).

Wall Street. Everything was blocked off, not a whole lot to see. Thanks a lot protesters.

Mik and I (and my sisters) are obsessed with Project Runway, if you have seen it you know they always shop for the fabric at Mood. I'm already obsessed with fabric so seriously this place was HEAVEN! I used major self control when we all we left with were a couple Mood tote bags!

We also went to Dash which is a store owned by the Kardashians. It was actually a huge let down, not very impressive, not a lot of merchandise and the workers were super unfriendly.

During our walking we passed by this amazingly decorated Halloween house (I was so jealous!) and I made Mik take a picture. Thank you random Halloween lovers!

All week I begged Mik to go to a Broadway with me and on the last night he became husband of the year and finally relented (such a good sport!). We decided on Addams Family since it was right before Halloween (and Brooke Shields was Morticia!). It was actually a really fun show and I think Mik even slightly enjoyed it.

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