Monday, November 17, 2008


my parents went out of town and mik and i get to babysit for the week! (there will be more on that next week once we have recuperated! haha no we are having a BLAST!) i just wanted to post this for my mom since she is gone. kortni got asked to timpviews ugly christmas sweater dance (arent you jealous?). we got home as the culprits were finishing up so they had to sneak away. kortni found this sign at the front door:

she had to follow a huge trail of money all around the yard and found this sign on the playground:
the kids had a blast collecting all the money from the yard, i think they filled 3 shopping bags full of it! now what?


California Roney's said...

How fun was that. Congrats to her. Is she happy about it?

Karissa and Mik said...

yes i think the guy that asked her she is "going steady" with! haha ok but i think they like eachother, although shes not too excited that it calls for an ugly sweater

Janna said...

I was wondering if you guys were babysitting. How fun! Fun to play mom and dad and then hand them back.