Sunday, November 30, 2008


we had such a great thanksgiving! my mom decided she would take on having it at her house this year and i think over 60 people ended up coming! family from all over came, even the california roneys! we spent the whole week with them and had a blast! happy thanksgiving everyone!

my mom made 4 turkeys!

all the delicious food

we had so much dessert we're still trying to finish it!


hillary and britton said...

How fun! We missed all of you, but we had a blast with our family here!!!

California Roney's said...

We had the best time ever. Thanks for hanging with us, Letting me come to the girl movie and cutting my kids hair. It was hilarious that Ella was all about the waxing. She is so fun. Oh, your mom said she found the pants and underwear. That was hilarious!!!

Brienne said...

Looks like it was so fun! Wish I could have been here. And I still absolutely love your brown hair!!