Friday, November 7, 2008


as hopefully all you know there was a pretty important election this week. mik and i went to vote and somewhere along the line my name got lost so i had to do a provisional ballot (i was so mad!) so i only got a picture of mik. it was his first time voting, he was pretty excited!

last night we went with my whole family to salt lake to the energy solutions arena and got to meet all the jazz players. we got to bring something for each of them to sign, most of the players were really nice and friendly but there were a few grouchy ones! regardless we all had such a good time!

mik waiting for the players to come out, wishing he was kirilenko. who actually ended up not showing up, we were all disappointed!

we LOVE boozer!

kenzies future husband.....yes sorry ladies after last night he's now taken!

mik got a ball signed and i got a jersey signed. GO JAZZ!


Jamie Hyde said...

Tell Kenzie... if I wasn't already married and a mother of almost 2 he would be my future husband!
But yes, I am jealous!

California Roney's said...

How fun!! Looks like you had a blast. I love the dinner there!!! Always so good. Reagan and I always eat too slow for everyone though!!!! Your hair looks so adorable! The color really make your eyes stand out!

hillary and britton said...

Go Jazz! How fun. I heard Matt was a bit grumpy though.
please at some shrimp for me when you eat there next time:)

Brienne said...

Tell kenzie I´ll fight her for him. I´m jealous. Looks like it was so fun! and I´m so proud of you for voting!