Tuesday, November 11, 2008


youve probably had enough of wedding photos but i promise this is probably the last of them! right now in my life im loving the temple and the peace it brings us so i posted a lot of pictures! and if you want to see more theres thousands on baciphotography.com, please go see them because i love them all and it was hard to pick which ones to post! enjoy!

the whole big roney/severe group! we LOVE our families!

my 2 favorite men

gotta love my family!

we took a bunch of pictures after everyone left. here's the crew that braved the heat with us! we were SO hot but the pictures were worth it!

you know im a sucker for kissing pictures!

the wedding was fun but im so happy to be married! its been such a learning experience and we are so excited to grow together! i love you mik!


California Roney's said...

Those pictures are adorable. But the one with the huge group photo, there is some retard sitting up in the top left hand corner that ruinned the picture. She is sitting there nursing a baby. Sorry about that, that was me. I guess I should have moved further away, I guess I thought I would not have been seen there. Oppps.

Brienne said...

I loved your wedding so much, it´s fun to see pictures. I´m so glad you two are so happily married! and i´ve told you a million times but your dress is amazing!!!!!!!!

hillary and britton said...

Karissa-you guys are such a handsome couple. It's fun to look at your wedding photos. What a perfect day.

Jamie Hyde said...

I love the Pictures... keep them coming!

Courtney and Hyrum said...

Your dress was so pretty!

Cason and Marie said...

PRETTY!! Your dress is beautiful!